• Developing Smart Apps For Enterprise
    At CubeLabs, we develop Rich Internet Applications (RIA) & smart business apps for enterprises. We provide tools that will step-up your business and push its standards.
  • Across The Globe Reach
    We have clients all over the world. People are associated with us from Canada to NYC, Brazil to Argentina, London to Egypt & Indonesia to Tokyo. We love diversity and business intelligence coming from various cultures.
  • Ideas & Innovation
    At CubeLabs, we always go with the "never done before" way. We love to experiment and discover new approaches towards a solution. We always "add a top cherry" to all our products and solutions and suggest innovative ideas to make the product better.
  • Strategical Development Process
    Our process is a time tested industry standard project life-cycle which ensures quality output within stipulated time frame. Our approach depends on case-to-case basis. We follow Sequential, Incremental (AGILE), Parallel (SPIRAL) & RAD.
  • Technical Expertise & Client Training
    Walk your way into the source code with us. You own a product of ours and wanna get your hands dirty with the code? We are here to help you through it. We provide complete client training on all of our products and services.


We all have the ability, the difference is how we use it.
- Saurav Pandey (Founder, Cubelabs)

Saurav Pandey (Founder, Cubelabs)

Looking for ways to achieve your targets?
We'll invent them.

CubeLabs is a place where passionate people are at work, moving consistently towards a mutual goal of providing and supporting the best Business Applications in the world. Our aim is to bring higher standards of products and development practices in the market. We continuously keep pushing our limits to enhance our product qualities in terms of usability & reliability.

Our Skills

Web based Apps
Cloud based apps
Smartphone Apps

What we do @ Cubelabs


Here at CubeLabs, we develop rich web-based applications for enterprises, customize those products to meet the pushing needs of specific markets and client requirements & provide dedicated support on all of our solutions. We also assist enterprises having their own product idea but lacking development resources. We also develop smartphone apps & cloud based apps.

When did we start CubeLabs


We are pretty young as an organization. CubeLabs was founded in November 2012 with only single product in hand. That was our first foot inside the door and since then we've continued to explore Bulk Marketing niche and also entering into smartphone & cloud based apps. Saurav Pandey (Founder, CubeLabs) has been in IT industry for almost 4 years now. He has strong foundation in web programming and also worked on several aspects like Web-development & Design, Internet Marketing, SEM/SMM Consulting & Bulk Marketing Consulting. Having a strong network of happy prospects motivated to him to start his own thing.

How we do What we do


At CubeLabs, we never choose the lame approach of getting stuff done. We know it is trouble coming down the road. We believe our work speaks of our team & skills. Hence we never compromise on that. Producing quality output is what we've been trained to do. Our products are always audited for security loopholes, bugs, speed optimization & load testing. We always try our best to deliver the most funneled output to our clients, keeping them not just satisfied, but delighted.

Where are we located


Our head office is in Jaipur, India. Office is located in Malviya Nagar behind World Trade Park, providing an optimum environment to do creative work. We also enjoy occasional outing & trips both nearby and far-off to keep our team rejuvenated & full of energy.


We build smart applications for smart Enterprises.

SMPP driven Bulk SMS Application

SMPP-Cube allows bulk SMS vendors to push-up their business by migrating their level to aggregators. Bulk SMS resellers having high SMS consumption are often looking for a solution which provides better control on traffic and their clients. SMPP-Cube is the answer for them. Also aggregators already dealing in SMPP are benefitted by loads of extra features and speed brought by this application.

Latest Version: v5.0
Category: Enterprise Web-App
Platform: PHP/MySQL
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We do a few things but we do them perfect.

I am really impressed with the dedicated support you folks provided through last week. My setup was completed in a single day. I faced several issues from hosts but not only Sam solved those, but suggested better way to do things. Keep it up fellas...

Amit Sharma

- San Jose, CA


Tailor the product to your specific requirements. We provide limitless customizations on our products.


We never say never. Quality product must always be backed up with quality support. We make sure we do the same.

IT Services

We provide Web development, design services & IT consulting to enterprises and SMBs.


We provide client training & consulting. We help you grow your business and assist you make the most out of our products.


We provide free setup for all our products. We also provide specialized installations in case you have a host/server which is being pesky.


A whole bunch of add-ons are already available with our products. Also, you can suggest your own and later we can share profits out of those.


We are continuously looking for talent.


Join Us,
we have good coffee.

We're a friendly group of people, and we do a lot of things together: writing codes, happy hours, trips, internal training, movies, lunch, and a lot of laughing.

Training & Internship @ Cubelabs


Shaping young minds at Cubelabs. Our training & internship programs are designed specially to give students an ample perspective of real IT industry. Fun and Learning combined with soft-skills training is what we believe in.
Interested in our program?
Contact: anu.khandelwal@cubelabs.in

Career @ CubeLabs


Work with right people, for the right people and with the right tools. At Cubelabs, we work with variety of prospects and with the latest of technologies. Working at Cubelabs would definitely give your skill-set a boost. Interested? Drop your resume at: anu.khandelwal@cubelabs.in


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